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The NPIRS State Pesticide Information Retrieval System (NSPIRS) is a subset of NPIRS available by subscription. Many subscribers use NSPIRS for pesticide registration information and to identify products currently registered in states. Subscribers include state regulatory agencies, universities, regional EPA offices, and registrant companies. Several companies subscribe to NSPIRS for the ability to view all versions of state labels submitted through ALSTAR.

NPIRS receives state pesticide registration data from states who voluntarily send their data. Some states provide data on federally-exempt Section 25b and other pesticide products that do not require federal registration but are required to be registered in states. Additionally, some states provide information pertaining to 'state restricted' use products. Associated federal registration data is included for state registered products.

Searches in NSPIRS are initiated by selecting a specific state first before selecting additional search options. Numerous search options make it easy to navigate the state's product data and with a variety of display options, the data can be viewed in several formats. All Site of Application and Pest to be Controlled information is derived from the federal master label.

Data Sources: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) and U.S. states and territories who voluntarily provide their state registration data.

Update Frequency: State Product is updated as frequently as a state sends their registration data to NPIRS, generally daily, weekly or monthly. Federal Product is updated weekly.

Unique Features: All versions of state labels are available for viewing. Search results from Federal Product can be carried forward into State Product to identify corresponding state registrations.

NSPIRS Subscription Information
Subscription Rates for State Data Providers, Government Agencies, and Universities (Automatically Renewed):
  • State Product    - $975/yr
  • State/Federal Product    - $1475/yr
  • State Product/Federal Product/PDMS    - $1975/yr

Subscription Rates for Companies and Others (Automatically Renewed):
  • State Product    - $1275/yr

Subscription upgrades are not available for companies and others.

NSPIRS subscriptions include the following:

  • 20 User IDs
  • No monthly database usage fees (web hits)
  • Access to all information on NSPIRS including State Product data and associated Federal Product data.


NPIRS reserves the right to deny subscriptions to individuals or organizations that produce similar systems and/or websites that may be deemed competitors.
By searching the NSPIRS websites, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in our Terms of Use policy.

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Federal Product Information
  • Federal Brand Name
  • EPA Registration Number
  • Link to Federal PPLS Label
  • Product and Name Status
  • Registrant Name and Address
  • Product Formulation/Signal Word
  • Federal Restricted Use Status
  • Use Type Classification
  • Percentage and Name of Active Ingredient
  • States Registering Product
  • Registration Action Dates
  • Sites for Product Use
  • Pests to be Controlled
  • Site/Pests Combinations
  • Supplemental Registrations
  • Special Local Needs (SLNs)
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State Product Information
  • State Brand Name
  • EPA and State Registration Numbers
  • Year of Last Registration
  • State Registrant Name and Address
  • Link to Federal PPLS Label
  • Link to State ALSTAR Label (if available)
  • Associated Federal Product Information:
- Percentage and Name of Active Ingredient
- Product Status
- Product Formulation/Signal Word
- Federal or State Restricted Use Status
- Use Type Classification
- States Registering Product
- Registration Action Dates
- Sites for Product Use
- Pests to be Controlled
- Site/Pests Combinations
- Supplemental Registrations